A Hero is Born


This is my first story, so bear with me.


Somewhere under Koopa Kastle, a robed, spectacled Magikoopa is eyeing a crystal ball.
"Hmm, I'll just see what's going on, oh say, 27 years into the future".
The crystal ball shows a picture of Bowser as an adult, getting beaten up by a pair of moustachioed men in overalls. In the background, a young woman in a pink dress looks over, frightened. The Magikoopa leaps back in fear. Who are these men? What do they want with King Bowser? The Magikoopa, named Kamek, zooms in on one of them, the one wearing red. He rewinds back to the day this one was born. March 27, 1981, at 5:43 P.M. Kamek stumbles, and nearly faints. He, along with the other man, would be born TODAY!
"Today? Oh my, they'll destroy the Koopas! How do I stop the birth? I....I must tell the king!"
Kamek hurries upstairs to warn him of these infants.

"Your Highness, I have terrible news", cried Kamek.
"Ah, what is it? Make it quick, or else".
"Two babies will be born today that shall wreak havoc on the Koopa Troop if we cannot stop them".
The toddler king frowned, crossed his arms, and grunted.
"According to the crystal ball, the stork carrying them is currently over Yoshi's Island".
"Should we go there, uncle Kamek?"
"That's exactly what I was planning, your Highness".
Kamek leaves, back to his laboratory. Bowser follows.
"Toadies, REPORT!"
Six buck-toothed Koopas in red robes suddenly appear before Kamek and Bowser. After Kamek tells them the plan, they take a secret warp to Yoshi's Island.