Thank you based god
I'm surprised I haven't made a thread for this already.

Do you have it? If yes, what console do you play on?

I have the iOS version.

What modes do you play? What teams do you use?

On Manager Mode, I play as Accrington Stanley. I've started in League Two and am trying to work my way all the way up to the Premier League. I'm 9-0-0 right now in the league and lost a tight Capital One Cup match to Southampton when I surrendered two late goals. I've also sold and loaned lots of players and have tripled my team's income. Having just 15 players on my roster doesn't seem to be hurting my record too much. I also play as Real Madrid for online matches, and will occasionally use Cruz Azul or San Jose Earthquakes.

Do you play online?

Yes. PM me if you want to add me as a friend and we can play online.

So yeah, essentially, please answer these questions and stuff.


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I heard that Fifa for Wii is really bad because it is 99999.9% same as Fifa 12 and only changes is in title screen that it change 12 to 13


Thank you based god
I can't stand the Wii version of any games that are available on multiple consoles.