What Chrome Extensions do you have?


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Please don't post here just to say you don't use Google Chrome.

I have a potato GLaDOS widget that spouts random quotes, a Gmail message checker, an Imgur extension to rehost images and a Awesome Screenshot extension to take screenshots and annotate them.


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I have AdBlock Plus, Do Not Track Plus, which stops companies and such from tracking you, TrollMe, which is an extension that allows you to generate Homestuck-trolls' typing quirks really fast, TrollBook, which is Homestuck extension for Facebook, Ponyhoof, which is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-based Facebook addon, and a font changer.


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Mariomario64 said:
I have the GPXPlus extention because yes I still use that

Nabber said:
I have a potato GLaDOS widget that spouts random quotes
where can I find this
sadly it's only Portal 2 quotes but still neat
Using firefox, but a lot of plugins are on both browsers.

I have ghostery, avast webrep, and a few tab managers.