User Big Brother Chat!

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UBB Chat!

Basically, a UBB game that can finish in 2 weeks or so because it's done in chat.

All basic rules from UBB apply, but remember these:

1. There are only nine players in UBB Chat, enough for a jury and a final two.
2. You can only sign up if you will be able to make the time for each day (probably 2 hours each day)
3. As for the above rule, sorry for users like Lily who probably won't be able to play unless their up in the middle of the night. So, remember that you can only sign up if you will be able to make Central Time Zone times around 1 or 2 usually.
4. Days happen on Saturday and Sunday. This means that if we take about 2 hours each day, or maybe even less, it will take 8 hours to complete in just 2 weeks. Again, it's an estimate so I don't know if we will be able to finish in less or more.
5. If you don't show up, you don't play. I will make an exception if over half of the players don't show up though, or if it's the Final 4 or so.
6. Alliances can be made through query. Be sure to inform me.
7. There will be a twist!
8. The game will be played in #ubbchat.
9. The challenges will be a lot more "chat oriented". This allows me to do things like memory from past weeks competitions and such.

So sign ups begin now! If you don't get a spot, feel free to show up and take someone's spot who didn't show up......