Bravest Warriors (Pendleton Ward's new show)


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I literally JUST found out about this:

Apparently, it's an Internet show, exclusive to a channel called "Cartoon Hangover" on YouTube. Judging by that one sneak peak, it has that funny dialogue that Adventure Time has, but not so much the visuals. Then again, it WAS just between the main characters and there are more interesting outer space creatures to behold in the series proper. Then again, Adventure Time had a talking magic dog among it's main characters, here the characters just humanoid in spacesuits. Not that I don't like Pen Ward's humanoid characters, they're just not anything too special.

Still, I love Adventure Time, so I'm probably going to give this show a shot, too.

Edit: Okay, NOW I just found out that the original short for this show aired on Nickelodeon, just like Adventure Time! What's up with that?


So... wait, that alien thing at the beginning sounded just like Tree Trunks! Either way, I like the dynamic between this group of "Bravest Warriors". Chris is, like, the leader, even though he's not the out-going adventuring type like Finn is. Those two guys, I forget their names, I like them already, bunch of macho guys who make fart jokes... Reminds me of Jake. And then there's Beth. I like her, too, even though she seems to just be the love interest at the moment. Again, she reminds me of Princess Bubblegum, though this time seemingly age-appropriate! The dialogue is, once again, hilarious, just like Adventure Time's. This is seriously why Pendleton Ward's stuff is awesome, you never know WHAT his characters are going to say next! One thing I did notice that's different from Adventure Time is that, aside from the setting being outer space and sci-fi instead of fantasy-adventure, characters seem to have specific attacks which they call out, like that of an anime, instead of just,you know, attacking with whatever they have. I'm actually okay with this particular trope, even though it makes zero sense to give a name for your attack and calling it out. I actually like knowing the names of certain attacks, so I can identify it when I see it or talk about it's effectiveness. Overall, if this short is any indicator for how the series proper will be, I'll DEFINITELY be looking forward to it!
Wait, does this mean that adventure time's going to end? Or this just a show that he's doing with adventure time?
this is a show on youtube that he is doing


or else it'd be on tv or something like that as a spinoff
First episode's up on YouTube!

So, first episode, let's check it out...

"Courageous Battlers", I love it!

Well, I can definitely see that this show doesn't hold back on naughty language or obscene gestures... I kind of like how Adventure Time was help back by CN, forcing them to come up with weird, unique substitues. Not that it's a good or bad thing either way, just yeah.

That said, there is definite some unique dialogue and delivery here that only the mind of Pendleton Ward could come up with, including that sing-songy way they said the location of that space station!

Then ending is kind of hilarious, the way they simply broke the time loop like that.

All in all, not a bad start I suppose.
Second episode (sorry I'm late about this):

I remember seeing the beginning of this episode in a sneak peek, and there are some minor visual differences, as well as music added to it.

Again, I'm noticing some more mature things that wouldn't fly in Adventure Time, like that alien thing making out with the ship... Still has hilariously random reactions and dialogue!

"Emotion Lord"... Well, Pen Ward DID say this series would be about space warriors fighting using their emotions or something like that... I'm going to assume emotion is going to be a key part of this series.

This reminds me of the Adventure Time episode, King Worm, where random stuff happened because it was a dream. This Time Lord guy is very similar to the way the King Worm-controlled dream Finn had was... I like it! Too bad one of the main characters is dying while this is happening.

Oh, so the Time Lord was a good guy... He was trying to prepare the leader Chris, but it turns out he was too irrational... or rather, emotional, lol! At least the old guy had the decency to return everyone to normal... Too bad Danny's eyelids were cut off before that.

Good episode, in my humble opinion.

Edit: Theme Song trailer, with some clips from future episodes!

New episode, "Butter Lettuce":

The title was mentioned int he last episode by... Beth, was it? She was going to relax with a nice head of "Butter Lettuce"... I guess we'll find out what she meant here.

Okay, now things DEFINITELY look like Adventure Time, right down to the fantasy theme. Must be a simulation, like the Holodeck in Star Trek.

Okay, so this is a video game. Cool. the music definitely feels like that of a video game. Also, you could see it's inners and guts briefly... I guess they got away with that occasionally on Adventure Time, too... I think.

Wait, he was using the BATHROOM while playing this game? I guess that makes sense, some people play video games while on the toilet. I don't, though. Don't want to risk my games getting all stinky. I find it impressive that he can fight, hand-to-hand, yet not get up from his seat.

FALCON AXE, OH SHIT! I heard about the Bravest Warriors using animal-based weapons, cool that we finally see one!

lol, "Holo-John", the future is amazing!

Dang, man, remind me never to do anything at 9000%... Or, dare I say, OVER 9000? :P

Casual barf is casual.

"Wanker Shim"? What? Is that, like, some kind of in-game troll or something?

I knew the real Beth was going to come in at the most inappropriate moment. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't come to that. Oh... She doesn't notice... Okay, take that back, this is hilarious and awesome...

And NOW we see what this "Butter Lettuce" thing is...

So yeah, another hilarious and random episode! Wonder what else this series has in store...