A Random Pokémon Red Nuzlocke by LN1


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(first things first, I'll just post stuff here. I mostly won't ask you the forum for stuff, except for a few Pokémon nicknames here and there)
(Due to spoiling game details, the game-spoilering stuff will be in spoiler tags)

If you don't know the rules of a Nuzlocke:
-You can only catch the first Pokémon in an area.
-If a Pokémon faints, it's considered dead, can no longer be used in battle, and must be stored in the PC.

You can add more rules at your desire, but I'll just go through the basic ones since it's my first nuzlocke.

Thanks for the welcome.....

Yeah nice to meet you Oak

My name?

(this should speak for itself)

Since I was a baby?...

(the best I could think of)

1.)Nickname: PHD J. ROW
Species: Spearow
Cause of death: Critical gust from a wild Lvl 8 Pidgey
Time alive: 3 minutes

2.)Nickname: Chawback
Species: Ekans
Cause of death: Wild rattata
Time alive: About 7 minutes

3.)Nickame: TMNT
Species: Wartortle
Cause of death: Wild Diglett
Time alive: About 20 minutes in-game/a few months due to my hiatus over this

4.)Nickname: Magbuster
Species: Diglett
Cause of Death: Selfdestruct from a Geodude
Time alive: About 10 minutes in-game/a few days

And as of the moment this was posted, we weren't even into catching yet. Hope you like this one's potential.


L - N - 1
Yeah. My GBA doesn't even work anymore, and I don't know if they sell Pokémon Red/Gameboys anymore.
Trust me, I'm taking a lot of images from short sections. I only am at Route 1 and I have 20-something images. Speaking of, Part 2:


True mom


Aw damnit

Well, gotta go I guess

Where did you come from?

Okay okay just stop stalking me where I can't see you

Well, better wait




(best I could think of)

but of course

(cue me imitating Trainer Battle music with my mouth)

after a few tackles from both of us, a few growls from bulbasaur and a tail whip from me

(pretend there is a "Bulbasaur fainted" image here)

Yay money

Now I won't be able to catch any Route 1 Pokémon, I can't catch this one and it's the first one I encountered. *sigh*

(Yes, I beat that Rattata, and got some experience for TMNT)

more coming whenever I feel like it


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More Route 1 Shenanigans. Cool music(not the best one though still cool)

A sample of what?(It's a potion btw, parentheses is the real me, non-parentheses is the "Rolf" "character")

(due to an unlucky Pidgey fight, I was forced to use that Potion if I didn't want to lose already at the beginning point of the game. Kinda sad)

Cool, I might need this(fought a few more wild Pokémon)

A Mart eh, well I'm grown up already, whatever I can buy can't be that bad.

The stalker?, yeah I do.

I guess I give this to Oak. *sigh*, alright.

Quite good actually, stronger than before

yeah, a parcel by some seller on some mart.

Cool.(this is the part where both "ed" and "Rolf" get the Pokédex).

Yeah yeah, it's not like we have freedom already and you are too old for stuff stalker.

If your grandpa's the stalker, then yes.

this is better than nothing I assume.

(skip Route 1 and another trip to the Pokémon Center)

Well, gotta go I guess

Yes, wait no, I forgot to bring pokéballs no.(and now I can no longer catch in this route)

(route 2 pidgey eh)Fine, you shall do for the Nidoran(male) I lost.

Woohoo.(eh, not so much, Pidgey isn't too exciting)

(get it, Hawkeye, Pidgey is a bird. Damnit, but that's the best I could think of)

(More shenanigans in Part 4)


L - N - 1

After some grinding....

That was the path to the Pokémon league?, I just wanted to know what was there.

Bring it on

Let's have a go at it.

(Unfortunately, TMNT went into low health zone, I switched to Hawkeye and.....)

(gave TMNT a potion.)

(Hawkeye defeated Ed's Pidgey, and also his Bulbasaur)


Whatever you are, here I go

(Dang Viridian Forest, fortunately, no random encounters and avoided all trainers)

I'm getting close to out of here

The hurry's that I want to get out of here to....do something.

I would also give if my opponent had a Pidgey L10 and a Squirtle L10 and my only Pokémon was a Weedle.

Random Viridian Forest Encounter, but I'm not catching this one. I'm not forced to.


(Area below Pewter City random encounter)


Get it.....

Here I stand in Pewter City.

(That's all of Part 4 Folks)


My heart belongs to another.
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Ok, personally, I prefer the other two, simply because they gain a type and if I pick a water starter I always end up turning it into an HM slave.


My heart belongs to another.
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Michael Myers said:
Dr. Turnip said:
The way I team build, It just sort of happens. That's why I don't like water starters.
But Mudkip... :'(


L - N - 1
(Note: I had to reupload this part various time due to imgur problems)

(Hey, wasn't I supposed to be doing a Pokémon Red Nuzlocke?)

(Well, let's get to it)

(Team stats)

Well, no point in stalling. Let's go to the gym.

But first let's see who has won against the gym leader...

Okay doesn't matter, let's get to defeating the Gym Leader

(Brock). Screw you I'm like 10 feet from him.

(distance). Great, I teach kids measurement.

Great for you, and imma let you finish, but you're going down.

Oh, I'll give you more than my best.

*enemy Geodude fainted*
First one beaten and without a scratch. Good.

Finish that Onyx TMNT!

As expected....

So true... Don't mess with water or any tribe related to it.

A sign of my victory eh?I'll keep it.

Take what? This is reminding me of Stalker Oak except I had to battle you.

Phew goodie, I thought I'd have another old man who magically knows what I do stalk me even more.

The first major victory of my self-proposed challenge....

And I owe it to you guys.

(Sometime soon coming to you; Part 6)


L - N - 1

onward to Route 3
(before winning against Brock, a guy will block you. You must win against brock and gain the Boulderbadge to gain access to Route 3)

Oh, that looks bad

(I'll admit I did this one trainer battle on purpose)

*sarcastic whee*

oh, that's an insult. That Caterpie SHOULD be evolved.



Ah, nice one. Not falling for that though

(I sometimes wish I could respond no to this questions....)

Whatever, you'll lose.


(Route 3 Random Encounter)

Well, I have already a Pidgey but why not....

(It's a reference to Dr. Javelin, go figure)

No, PHD J. ROW only lived for about 3 minutes. Why do they die so young?

Well, this is my next destination. But first....

May you rest in peace.


L - N - 1
(Disclaimer: If you want a guide on how to get past Mt. Moon, go check Google or Youtube)

(This happened while grinding). What they taught me in the school I never went in was right; creatures evolve.

(Post-grind stats)

Damnit, I forgot my garlic.


Hawkeye you killed my only capture of this big area.

Yeah, possibly including you.

Doesn't matter ganstas, I'll beat you anyways


Strollin' in the hallway, strollin' in the hallway

Nice job telling me your plan.

And your weak Pokémon ain't gonna stop me now.

Really, I just want to exit and um....your fossils happened to be in the way.

Then I'll take

This one

Not gonna let you die while I can do something about it.

(Can someone explain me how do you go from a ladder directly to a cave exit?)

No way around it, I'll have to jump.

Not really, but I think the force that controls me does.

And that's it for this part. Stay tuned for Part 8 someday.


L - N - 1

While searching in the grass I found an Ekans. Woot.

Chawbawk is your new name now.


RIP in peace Chawbawk(I'm depositing Chawbawk in the PC).

Going north I find you.

Disadvantage or not, I defeat you without casualties.

(You probably know the Nugget Bridge already.)
*skip a few fights*

Well, what do we have here(Pidgeotto is rather powerful for this parts ain't it?)
*skip yet another few fights*

*skip his long speech*

Win against him without casualties.

In the grass to the north of Cerulean, I found an Oddish and caught it.

And a force compels me to call it Snoop Lion.
(To be continued in Part 9. RipIP Chawbawk)


L - N - 1
So I finally continued this but the pictures were way too much of a hassle.

Major Events:
-Misty was beaten with no deaths.
-New Team Member: Magbuster the Diglett.
-Third death: TMNT died before reaching Blastoise and before I could nickname it after an actual turtle. I don't remember Dig being that strong.
-Lt. Surge was beaten with no deaths.(Diglett can only be damaged by Voltorb and Pikachu...yeah...)
-New Team Member: Fumey the Voltorb(long story)
-Fourth death: Magbuster died to a Geodude he had all the right to be able to defeat. Selfdestruct!
-New Team Member: Pseudotres the Growlithe


L - N - 1
(All unpictured progress between this part and Part 8 was due to sheer laziness from LN1. It is not unexplained however. See the post above.)

Then how didn't I see them going down?

My mama always told me that a fight between a Mankey and a Machop would not go well in the Mankey's favor. Switch time.

You don't mess with the blooming power, bro.

(TM11 contains Whirlwind. 'Nuff said.)

There's only two ways through here. *sigh*
(For your information, you spin travel slower than you walk. Slower. Than. You. Walk.)

I...only asked where the bathroom was.


(Shitty Razor Wind TM. At least I didn't toss anything huge for it.)

That's a good question, actually.

But you don't have to fight me!

This is what happens.

I'll pick that up for you.

(TM11 is a crappy Bubblebeam TM. Don't use it really. Surf is obtained not late from now, and most Water-types at least learn Bubble/Bubblebeam without a TM. That, and you have Dig for Fire-types/Grass-type moves for Ground-types.)