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There are two machines versions of a Super Mario Bros. Pinball Game.

This one:

And this one, entitled "Mushroom World":

Could anyone make articles and have galleries that contain screenshots and offical art from the pinball machines?
That would be great if we did. But a quick Google search only gave be photographs of either the pinball machine itself or photographs similar to the ones below. I couldn't find any scans of the artwork, but I did find this; We can obtain a high-quality logo from that. But note that Mario's artwork on "Mushroom World" is about the same as his Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels artwork (see File:320099-mario1.jpg)

P.S. This site; would be great for the info.

The four flyers have been uploaded, hopefully for a future article.
Well, if anyone has those pinball machines, could it be possible to upload the images/screencaps from there?
Yes, of course. A simple computer scan of the images (rapher than an angled photograph), would be perfect. But I don't know anyone who owns the actual pinball machine. If anyone does, please leave a comment.
Most of the artwork is reused from earlier games, like many of the Koopaling's artwork is from Super Mario Bros. 3. So there's really not much that we need. LTIan, if you were planning to create the articles (with or without scanned artwork), then that's awesome. If not, I'll be happy to draft them...? :) There should be two for both different pinball machines, the first "Super Mario Bros. (Pinball)" and Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World. Please let me know.
Could you draft them? :)

I'm not that advanced on making wiki articles. ^^;
Thanks! It took ages to collect the info and images.
It looks good so far. :)

We can only hope that if anyone should have one of those pinball machines, they'll provide us with more HQ, bigger DPI res, and higher resolution of the pictures. :)
"Pinball" was capitalized in the official marketing slogan, so I thought it was okay for the article. But anyway, thanks for the correction; it is better. Also LTIan, I was not able to obtain scanned artworks, but I found some high-quality photographs that are the next best thing. My next focus is Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, the second pinball machine in the Super Mario series.
Looks good. :) Can't wait to see what you've got for the Mushroom World Pinball article.
Well, here we are almost a year later eh. I've finally created the Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World. It was a real challenge considering the limited information available. But yeah, recently I had a drive to finish the old draft which was started.

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