Rate the above person in MKWii


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Wanna start?
7/10 great racer. is a death house with shells ...... he ca naim like a sniper in COD.
8/10. I just compared his TTs to mine, and he sucked. I have yet to test my new PWNful bike against him in a VS, thoguh.

Good from what I saw, but since the match I played with him was unfair, accidentally, I wasn't able to see how skillful he was. :-\
good racer from i could gander. i played him and beat him but he was with like 9 others and didn't really see if he came in a decent place

so for now ...

i have raced Tubba 1 on 1 and he gave up quite a fight.

Now it's an 8/10 ;D
WarioLoaf said:
7/10 cause i pity his wifilessness

10/10 for IS because the only way to not lose is to not play! ;D (N/O)

As for WL, I dunno. I hear he's good, but I've never raced him, so...
Hi, my name is LuzTeTT, I'm new to the forum but not new to the world of Nintendo.

Rate meee! If you look just under the top ten for the classic courses, I hold many records.
ChaosNinji said:
<.< >.> How can we rate you when we've yet to face you?
Being in the top ten on ANY course is awesome.

Anyway, I don't have Wi-Fi. :( But I suck at Rainbow Road (kinda) and pwn at Moonview Highway (sorta).
Unfortunately, I'm not in the top ten... simply because I refuse to use a motorbike. It's Mario Kart, not Mario Bike!! >=| (I'm being half sarcastic.)

I beat Shigy's record on Ghost Valley SNES, which places me 11th world wide.