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I have the software update avaiable on my ipod touch. You need 2.3GB free to update and I only have 500MB! I have tried deleting all the apps I don't use but I still have nowhere near enough! How can I make room?
Whenever I don't have enough room for something I just delete a bunch of stuff. If you have music, podcasts, videos, etc. on there that you don't watch at all/often, then maybe getting rid of them would help out. If you don't have any of them you want to get rid of, or if you have none at all, delete the least useful apps and after each one check to see how much GB you have free.

If its IOS 6 you're trying to get, then another solution is to not get it. It's pretty shit.


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Songs and photos take up heaps of space. Try moving all of your photos/videos to your computer, then deleting them off the iPod to make room for more. And when I don't like a song as much as I used to, when it gets boring I just delete it. I only keep my favourites ;)

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Videos take up a ton of space. I'd remove those first.

Obviously, be sure to keep them on the computer you sync with.
Lakituthequick said:
I highly recomment not to update to iOS6 for now.
They have "updated" their maps system by deleting Google Maps and adding some service powered by TomTom, which is aweful.
Just go to Google Images, search "ios 6 maps" and laugh.
They made it a meme:
And they get rid of the YouTube app. You need to download seperate apps for Podcasts and YouTube, both of which are pretty crappy.

It's like they didn't even test it before they released it.