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This is a flash game that me and some others from chat played a couple of years ago. I was one of the people that played it the longest, though around April or May 2011 I started playing it a lot less and in September I stopped playing it completely. A week or so ago I've started playing it again and I've been enjoying it.

For those who don't know it/don't remember it, you control a mouse and on each "map" you try to grab cheese and bring it back to the hole. Most maps have a shaman that usually tries to help the other players get the cheese. By collecting enough cheese you can customize your mouse with various items.

Commands include /room [roomname] to switch rooms, /c [player] [message] to private message someone, /friend [player] to add someone to your buddy list, allowing you to see when they're online and - if they add you too - what room they're in, and /t [message] to contact someone in your tribe (which isn't important when you first join).

If anyone cares, my username is Smasheri (smasher was taken and instead of coming up with something original i just slapped an i on there). If enough people are interested in this, perhaps we could form our own room or tribe or something.
I didn't like that game. :mad:
Played it ages ago

Played it again some time later, hated the new level gimmicks
aka dumbest game

don't waste your time
I would try it more if I knew what the hell was going on in the clusterfuck of mice.

EDIT: actually, I figured it out