Gaming records you've broken/gotten close to


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Title says all.

This morning I came one second behind the fastest time to finish Emerald Hill Zone in the XBLA version of Sonic 2.

At one point I thought I'd broken the world record on Grumble Volcano in MKW, turns out I hadn't downloaded the latest record data.


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Was one point away from the highest recorded score on Crash and Burn in Pyramid Pass in Crash Tag Team Racing once.


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I once got into the top 50 best rank/time on one of the Dustforce gold levels with a below-average run for me.


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At one point I was on the leaderboards for Commando Man's stage in Mega Man 10.


I batted .417 once in Career Mode of MLB11: The Show.

Not really a gaming record, but whatever.


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I once set a high score in The Simpsons arcade gmae, does that count?


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I managed to hit all of the bob-ombs in Mario Super Star baseball with yoshi... even the extra bob-ombs and reached very close to almost a score of 9999


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I have the high score on a friend of mine's pinball machine.

I once was first on a time trial leader board in one map in an iPhone game that I no longer play.

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I once was in the top 100 for some MKW thing. I also got a high score on a pinball machine in France and my brother nearly made it in the top 10 for one MKW contest thing and was in the high scores on the arcade game 'Tekken Tag' also in France.


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I have managed to fully complete Banjo-Kazooie — meaning I collected all Jiggies, all Notes, unlocked all Note Doors, collected all Empty Honeycombs and laid every puzzle — in 3:14.18 in the PAL version of the game, which is 20% slower than the NTSC version of the game. After having made some calculations, I figured out that, if I had done the same things on a NTSC game, I would have finished barely under three hours. And at the time, that was just fifteen minutes slower than the record (which I base off of SpeedDeemosArchive's website's info), and just five minutes slower than the previous record. So yeah, that was pretty amazing.