Learn with Pokémon Typing Adventure


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Since I didn't see any Thread about it, I'll start one.

Anyway, this game has been released in April 2012 in Japan, and last Friday in Europe.
It's still unknown whenever Australia and America would get it.
While Pirates are still waiting on a ROM to be leaked, I've got my hands on this game.

I've been to Etten-Leur, a city next to my temporary home, and the city I'll move to in 1,5 months, just to buy this game.
The game was quite expensive, it was € 59,99 (calculated to $ 77,86 USD), probably because of the Keyboard, Batteries, and a DS Stand.
When I tried it, it's actually funner than expected.
I've expected it to be super childish, but as an adult, I actually enjoy this game.
This game can be played with either the included Nintendo Keyboard, or using the Touch Screen.

See the Video below, to see me playing this game, using the Nintendo Keyboard.

Any questions? Something to add? Anything else?


Nintendo 3DS Developer