Pokémon Battle: Water-types

Yoshi K

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I decided to create a new thing to determine what we think is the best Pokémon. It is a Pokémon-style RPG!

  • If you don't play Pokémon these are essential
  • Users will take on the role of trainers, enslaving using Pokémon to battle one another.
  • Each Pokémon starts with 200 HP.
  • No trainer may use an attack that causes 200 or more damage.
  • To calculate damage, we use the power for an attack
  • Each user may have 6 Pokémon on their team. You can only have 1 legendary/mystical, and only 2 fully-evolved Pokémon (if there are no legendaries left, I will bump this up to 3)
  • Send me a PM when signing up, drafting a Pokémon team (preferably in the same PM as the sign-up), and when attacking. This is so users pick which Pokémon to attack based on what Pokémon it is not who the trainer is.
  • Don't know what your Pokémon's attacks are? Look it up on Bulbapedia!
  • I will update the list when a Pokémon has been attacked.
  • The last attack thing indicates which user attacked last, if you had the last attack, you can't attack.
  • This is for Water-types only, because Water is the most common Pokémon type
  • Look up Water-type Pokémon on Bulbapedia to draft your team, because I'm too lazy to put them all on here at once
  • Only one of each Pokémon please, if a Pokémon has already been drafted, you can't use it.

Drafted Pokémon:
1. Squirtle
2. Wartortle
3. Blastoise
4. Totodile
5. Mudkip
6. Magikarp
7. Kyogre
8. Empoleon
9. Gastrodon
10. Prinplup
11. Piplup
12. Dewott


Celestial Guide
I'm not sure that I have understood the rules, do I have to PM you to choose 6 pokemons?

Yoshi K

Come with me if you want cookies
Yes, if you don't know what Pokémon you can choose, Bulbapedia has it.