First try at a comic. Zero Hour:Destiny


"Headshot" <<< my favorite quote in any game...
Well its kind of dark. Its set just after silver's timeline in the sonic world when mephiles is reancarnated and inslaves mobius. I need some people to join in.Im about to white out the plot so dont mind the gap.After silver and blaze pass away mephiles takes over and inslaves all of mobius. Only a few rebels are fighting back and freeing the inslaved. If you want to be a rebel pm me on this forum with your sonic version sprites and tell me if you want to be a hero or villian. First one to pm me about being a villian will be mephiles' right hand man and leads the attack on the heros. First to be Hero is the leader of the heros. You can also be a cameo (inslaved person). Here is a preveiw of my comic kind of like a movie poster.

The fact that you remembered to set transparency highly ups my trust in you.