Next Punch-Out!! ideas


Donkey Kong
Do you have any good ideas for the next Punch-Out!! game? Here are some of my ideas.

-Glass Joe is tired of being the punching bag, so he goes to Doc Louis, the guy who trained the best boxer in WVBA history, and asks if he can train him.

-Punch-Out, but genderswapped.

-Little Mac's son takes up boxing, and faces the kids of the other boxers.

-We go back in time to when Doc Louis was a boxer.

I'm just throwing out ideas here.


Donkey Kong
According to interview, Next Level is interested in a sequel.

Punch-Out!! turned out pretty well on the Nintendo Wii -- enough so that we awarded it an A+ in our review. Now developer Next Level Games wants to make a sequel, and they even have a few ideas in mind.
"The next Punch-Out!! would be different. Hopefully fans appreciate what we've done and that Punch-Out!! gathers strength in the marketplace as well as in pop culture. We've seen great online videos and fan content already. When the current title has gathered its new fanbase I would personally love to take the IP and the mechanic and give it a little twist," gameplay lead Bryce Holliday told Official Nintendo Magazine UK.

"Cooperative, competitive multiplayer support or create-a-boss mode would be places to start, but we'd need to come up with a new 'hook' like the motion controllers gave us in this iteration."

Producer Ken Yeeloy has also said that he would love to make a sequel, adding, "I think with this first product, we wanted to make sure there was a definite, undeniable connection to the original. The sequel would be our opportunity to evolve the franchise further and add some cool, new things."

The development team sure seems excited. But, of course, it's all up to Nintendo. Who knows, we could be back in the ring before we know it.