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With the release of the new TMNT movie in '07, I thought it only fitting to make a TMNT thread.

Anyway, discuss everyones favorite, non-Koopa turtles now!
Urp. Me no have stomach for that.
tatoo Rocks, fat, sumo-wrestler, alsome. What happened to him?
Anyway, my favorite TMNT character would have to be either the Rat King or Slash.
I do'nt know enough abou TMNT to say much... I like the new cartoon series better than the old one , and did'nt even read any comics. What I have seen of the new series had dumb jokes, bad animation, and terrible plotholes galore. The movie(s) were O.kay though.
TMNT wouldn't be TMNT without dumb jokes. :wink: I didn't notice any plotholes, except the whole "going to the future thing" (aka Fast Forward), going back in time should be really easy, all they need to do is call that time-traveling guy, Lord Simultaneous and poof, they're problems are gone.
oops. I meant the OLD series. :lol:

The time traveling... confusing, but still pretty cool.