Tengaged (Big Brother Game!)

Toad and I play a game called Tengaged sometimes.

It's really fun, and you can play castings, Big Brother, Survivor, and Big Brother UK on it! Of course, you can only access some by playing games and getting your level higher.

You can sign up here:


My account:


I encourage all User Big Brother players to join it. It's a fun game, and would be even better if some of you guys joined!

If you ever want to play a fasting, feel free to PM me. My username is Cooper 2 if you want to add me.
Toad85 said:
It's basically UBB, but in actual online game form.
Pretty much that. So, if you like UBB, than you should like this. There are like 6 modes but you only start with some until you unlock all of them.
Nabber said:
I don't know, the site seems kinda... strange.
It is strange in some ways.

But along with the games already put into the game, there are also group versions of Big Brother that run much like UBB.

EDIT: Here is the game I'm in if you want to check it out. This version of the game runs a bit different than Big Brother and you just have to do your best in competitions in order not to be put on the nomination block.

Nabber said:
What are the challenges like?
They're just little minigame ones, at least in the main games. Group games have games more like UBB challenged. There's a Wheel of Fotune one, a Deal or No Deal one, a Guitar Hero one, A bejewled one, and some number and words games.