Super Mario Bros for Wii controls help?

Ok, i know this is going to sound all various levels of ridiculous, but i'm completely non-plussed, so apologies in advance but i'm needing a little help...

I've just bought New Super Maro Bros for the Wii, but I can't seem to access level 1 of the first world.
Ok, so i watch peach get kidnapped, again... in a cake, nice. Then Mario pops onto the map. He runs to the level 1 spot on the map and i'm told to press the minus button to access that level of the world. Fine so far, the next screen puts up a floating images of the level and I can either go back to the map pressing the minus button again (this works fine) or use the directional buttons (left and right are highlighted in the bottom left hand corner of the screen) to select the level and start gameplay.
I've pressed every freaking button and combination of buttons on the wii remote and cannot get the level to start, any help please?

Much appreciated, Cheers.
Stone Cold Steve Austin said:
you hit 2 to enter the level
sorry, but pressing 2 just takes me back to the map......?

Ah I bought from CeX, no instruction booklet came with the game, which at this stage in proceedings would have been nice to look at!
Ah I take it back, it was button 2... but you can't seem to press it from the selection screen, just on the original map.

Thanks anyway guys!