Valve is making a new hardware


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I could easliy pull numbers when sega, playstaion and 2 raped the fuck out of nintendo. Lmfao funny nintedo now is using sony amd some of segas marketing techniques smh leqding the market eh. Enjoy your victory for now but know this nothing last forever and nintendo will drop the ball and if that happen in my life time all hell will break loose. If i die i will pass down my wisdom to my children whatever the case when they die either me or my ancestors will celebrate. Im doing evrything to make sure they drop the ball from voodoo,buying market shares,praying to all GODS,sending flyres to boyl and girl scouts and even joining the ymca oh pray that nintendo dont die when im alive cuz i got my cold dish in the freezer waiting to be served!
the comments are full of things like this for some reason?