Looking for an artist for Project Aviate!


also I hang out here, I guess
What I'm looking for: a detailed, but not necessarily realistic, style
What I'd want you to do: make a logo, album artwork, and drawings for each individual boss fight in the story
How I'd pay you: I'm getting a job eventually, so I'll either pay you through PayPal or some Steam games.
(or free)
(If I'm paying you, expect to revise your shit multiple times until it's exactly how I like it)

Anybody interested?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk

why are you offering money

there are plenty of people here who would probably do it for free

well, maybe


Artisanal Cheese Taster
I'll make crappy drawings for you for only 50$.

(but seriously maybe Edo and/or Mason can help you out)