Different Skin Colors of Koops


I luv oshawott
I am poor at replacing colors in pictures of Mario characters, but could somebody create 8 Koopses (<-- plural of Koops) in the following colors of each Koops's skin, instead of yellow? Here they are: pink, green, blue, red, purple, orange, white, and black.

Oh and here is Koops, with a yellow skin. If you want, you can right click this image, save to desktop, and edit his skin color.
I think you'd be better off trying to post this in a request thread or something - there are plenty of people who could help with this.
I think you're misunderstanding what he means, he's saying you should submit your request to a thread like this, but I'm not sure how many active request threads there are, or if they'll be able to get to your request immediately.