Zipped file problem on my laptop!


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So well about a year ago I downloaded a zipped file and and was trying to find how to extract it and make it a folder instead of a zipped one. So I went to Open With and clicked on some icon and all my Zipped Folders had that icon I clicked on. When I tried to open a zipped file it says it could not read the file. Since then I have been trying to fix it back.

I did notice the check mark in the open with box and it says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" and it changed it to Google Chrome. And when I click on it it downloads that same file. And the files are still not zipped folders.

I just want to know how to change them back to zipped files otherwise I have to do the long way to make them normal folders by going onto the admin user on my laptop and download it then extract put it on a flash drive and put it onto my user on the laptop.
On your screensaver right-click and then a list will come up. Put your cursor over new and this list comes out. On it you'll see the "Zipped Folder" option click and then transfer your files in the zipped folder that you wanted in there! Hope you enjoyhaving zipped folders again.


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If ZIP's are unreadable, try using a different ZIP Extractor.
If some others don't work neither, then the ZIP File is corrupted.

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He's not asking how to open a .zip file, it's something like how to change the default program that opens .zip files. Am I right, YoshiGo?


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Yes. It was a folder with a Zipper on it but when I accidentally changed it it wasn't that icon. And it still hasn't been that. And there is no extract all when right clicking on it, right now it is at Google Chrome and when clicking will download the same thing.

I probably can make another login on the laptop and move the stuff I have on my login to the new one. Downloading zipped files works on all the other logins on the laptop except mine.