Your home screen wallpaper in phone

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I switch mine out a lot but my current one is my AG dolls dressed as Link and Zelda.


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Lol, "handphone".
I like that word.



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Why not change this to iPod and Phone, almost alike and is it possible to upload videos from a phone onto a PC with an SD card?


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This, but the photo I saved had a bit more sepia tone to it.

And THIS BEAUTY is my lock screen wallpaper, in case you were wondering about that. ISN'T IT GLORIOUS


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YoshiGo99, it depends on Phone.
Certain rooted Android Phones and Tablets can capture direct feed video at full speed, but some of them (Nexus Phones, Tegra-based Tablets/Phones) have trouble with this.
Jailbroken iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads can do this too, but it's on low Frame Rate.

If supported, you can use an HDMI Plug, an HDMI Capture Device, and capture direct feed video via this instead.


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Mine's the same as the picture in my sig although it shows all of my avatar's body and the background is blurred.

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Mine is a picture i took of the Tokyo Sky Tree at night over the summer

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Phone is 'Keep calm and welcome to the dark carnival brother' my ipod is currently Ace attorney thing with all the characters kinda chibi-ish. I might post them tommorow


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My phone? Jeez, the one it came with, my phone is rubbish. My iPod wallpaper:

That's Alexander Rybak, by the way.

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My phone wallpaper (I changed it):