Story of Tri: Book One: Antimony (Working Name)

West Virginia isn't cancelled, it is just a low priority since I accidentally got rid of the drafts of the first two episodes.

And I've created a new story. I've made a teaser. And I'll make a couple more episodes. If it gets a good response I'll put it on UP.

The year was 1851. Three pioneers were looking for deposits of an important mineral called Wikum. Wikum was a rare, expensive, and invaluble powdery element that was useful as an electric amplifier. One man was an ambitious entrepeneur with plans for monopoly. The second was interested in settling down, and starting a town there, as he was sick of moving around. The third was there for the excitement, adventure, and the possible reward of it all.

The year is 1980. There are three major power players in goverment. One is a sneaky, slippery liar who serves as senator to the the Representation, a small but rising political party with intentions of total control. The second is an aging ruler who inherited his position from his ancestor and is losing ground politically. The third is an everyday citizen who is running for political office and is gaining an amazing lead.

The year will be 2192. There will be only one goal in life. Entertain The Mighty Representation, Uranium Istith.

It's all a work in progress.


also I hang out here, I guess
Uranium Alphomeg is a stupid name.

This seems like a good concept, and I can't actually point out any flaws in your writing, so I'll just have to wait and see how it goes from here.