Wings of an Angel (My Little Pony x Castle crossover)

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
After an anonymous tip is left to the NYPD, detectives Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are sent to investigate it, with Castle in tow. When they enter the alleyway, they find Twilight Sparkle, who has been testing out her dimensional teleporting spell. Since she had already been spotted, she offers a deal: She’ll transform them into ponies and let them into Ponyville in exchange for never telling anyone about her. Naturally, Castle leaps at the offer, and with it being a slow week at the agency, the detectives agree as well. Once there, however, they stumble upon a murder, of all things. Since Ponyville never bothered with an actual police force, the four new ponies offer their skills to solve this case.

Yeah, this is part of the first chapter I'm writing that involves My Little Pony and Castle. I'll post what I have so far below, and any tips, words of advice, etc, would be greatly appreciated. And for the other fans of the show, what would Ryan's cutie mark be?

Detective Kate Beckett sat at her desk, working through the paperwork involved in her latest arrest. The murder itself had been tiresome enough, with the victim being killed during an old-fashioned duel, complete with antique guns and clothes, the bizarre Steampunk culture being involved as well as the numerous injuries Esposito sustained during the investigation. Trying to explain all of that in a simple way was nearly impossible. Kate glanced over to the adjacent desks, seeing her fellow detectives and friends Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito working with more paperwork. Esposito’s neck had mostly healed from the body slam performed on him by an escaping suspect, though he claims he’s still slightly sore.

Before Kate could fall asleep from boredom, the elevator dinged, and out stepped Nathan Castle with two cups of coffee in his hands. He jauntily walked over to Kate and placed one of the cups on one of the only bare spots on the desk.

“Good morning, Beckett,” Castle said as he pulled a chair over to the desk. “So, who’s the victim today?”

“Sorry to dampen your moods,” Beckett replied as she finished signing a paper, “but the most interesting thing today has been all the paperwork from Daniel Goldstein’s murder.”

Castle’s face visibly sorrowed. “Really? No murder victims, no break-ins, no stolen items, not even an old lady that needs help crossing the street?”

“Castle, you should know by now that not every day is going to be a potential story.”

“Yeah, but there’s got to be something even remotely interesting.”

“Hey,” Esposito called out while finishing up a paper, “all of us are bored out of our minds here filling up these papers. I wouldn’t mind doing anything else if it would get me out of all of this.”

As if on cue, the telephone on Ryan’s desk started ringing. All eyes were on him as he answered the call, with Castle staring intensely on him.

“This is the NYPD, what is your emergency?”

“All right, I know this will sound crazy, but I swear to god I’m not on anything at all.” The voice on the other end sounded extremely panicked, as if scared by something.

“Sir, what’s the problem?” Ryan asked tentatively.

“Look, I was walking down the street and then I look into an alleyway and see – holy shit, it’s moving!”


“Just go to the alleyway besides the comic shop on Kings Street because you’re not gonna believe me otherwise. Hell, I don’t believe myself right now.”

“Sir, what is-“ Beep. The man had already hanged up. “Dammit,” Ryan shouted as he hanged up himself.

“So what was the call about?” Esposito asked, at this point about as anxious as Castle.

“It was just some nutjob. Called about something in an alleyway next to Comicadia,” Nick replied. “It’s probably a prank call or something.”

“I have been cooped up in here long enough, and that is the only call we’ve had all day,” Beckett stated while grabbing her coat. “I’m going to go investigate it, so if you want to have fun filling up the rest of the papers, fine with me.”

“Hey, I’d rather chase after a false report then chase after all these papers.” Ryan replied, already on his way to the elevator. “You’re coming, Javier?”

“Yo,” Esposito shouted from the elevator door, “I’m already here.”

“And I’m already in the elevator,” Castle countered, while squeezing through the opening doors. “Oh, the possibilities for what this is are endless…”

“Just get the theories out of your system now, Castle.” Beckett leaned on the back of the elevator as the doors closed.

* * *
The New York Police Department car pulled up to the entrance to Commicadia. The writer was the first and the quickest to leave the car. He immediately ran to the narrow passageway, with Esposito close by.

“Alright, so what should we be looking for?” Ryan asked as he closed the car door.

“Well,” Beckett said, already on her way to the alley, “I guess we look for whatever’s out of the ordinary, like-“

“Like a purple unicorn?” Esposito shouted out from inside the alley.

“Yeah, something like…” Beckett walked into the alleyway and saw Castle and Esposito staring at the ground near them. The alley was littered with soda cans and other garbage, but she followed the two men’s eyes to where they were looking and saw a horse. At least, she thought it was a horse. The being lying on the ground had a light purple coat, with a darker purple mane that had a bright pink streak in it. On its lower back was some sort of mark with a large red star surrounded by several smaller white stars. The most notable thing about it, however, was the horn sticking out of its head.

“that…” Beckett finished. “You weren’t kidding, were you?”

“I wish I was.” Esposito glanced at the unicorn in front of him. “Whatever it is, it’s been knocked out. It still has a pulse, though.”

Beckett let the realization set it. “Wait a minute, it’s alive?”

“Maybe it’s just a regular horse put through a lot of decoration on it,” Esposito said. “I’ve seen the crazy stuff people turn their dogs into, so why not horses?”

Beckett looked at the writer, who was still staring at the figure. “Castle, you’ve been awfully quiet this whole time. What do you think?”

The only response she got was “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh…”

“He’s been like that since he saw it,” Esposito said matter-of-factly. “I don’t think we’re going to get much out of him anytime soon.”

“I can tell you what she is,” Ryan started.

“Wait, she?” Beckett questioned.

“Let me finish. What we’re looking at is a pony. Specifically, Twilight Sparkle.”
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