Maximum Ride


Artisanal Cheese Taster
A series by James Patterson about a "flock" of kids who were mutated to have bird wings. The last book, Nevermore, came out yesterday. I enjoyed the first series very much.

Unfortunately, reading the second series, it felt like James Patterson took out my brain, unraveled it, proceeded to tie me to a chair with my cranium, and then shot me in the foot.

Anyone else here read it?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
it was okay/good until after the third book

at which point it felt like james patterson had died and some lame guy was writing for him

I honestly have no desire whatsoever to finish off the series. And I don't even know when I stopped. The last good book was the third one and then it was lame.

Purple Yoshi

King Bowser

I loved the first three books. Fourth was...ok, I guess. Then it just got worse.

Book 5: Hey look, my mum got kidnapped. Let's go on a submarine(?) and rescue her. Also, the main villain is a chinese man polluting the world. And Nudge wants to be normal. THAT came out of nowhere.

Book 6: Um....oh god. I'm not a fan of romance novels in any situation, but really? They get rid of the whole 'practically incest' love story by ADDING DYLAN. Who has no personality and it LITERALLY made to be a love interest.

Book 7: I don't even remember what happens in this one. Angel dies at the end...except she doesn't? And the villains are...people who want to kill the humans because...they're polluting the earth? I don't even know. Also, Jeb and Dr. Martinez also die? For no reason?

Oh, and more stupid stupid romance. And they brought back the Max a NEW LOVE INTEREST!

That is all my rage on Maximum Ride. And I haven't even mentioned stuff like The Voice and how what on earth Max has to save the world FROM.


Artisanal Cheese Taster
Yeah everything got weird in the second series. It felt like it wasn't even a plot. Just a bunch of random apocalyptic events.

Scarecrow von Steuben

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Started reading them but I felt kind of like I was being condescended to by the author.

That was a while ago so maybe I should give it another shot.