Wii U games boxart


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Do you like that this is close same as GameCube boxart or not?

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It kind of looks like it comes in a blue case. If that's the case, that's pretty cool, better than the white casing.

Paper Jorge

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if thats a blue case then i guess i like it not sure what else i couldve possibly expected

i hope the side is not white for all games like it was for the wii but it probably will be so eh


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It's a bit Gamecube-ish.

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
im a pretty picky person myself on some things, but come on, the yellow curve is what were complaining about?! it looks tight


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Ubisoft did sneakily confirm a a launch of the Wii U before the end of November, in Europe.


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Ubisoft's Press Releases:
Just Dance 4: Just Dance 4 is vanaf 2 oktober verkrijgbaar voor Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Kinect voor Xbox 360 en voor Sony PlayStation Move voor PlayStation 3.
Just Dance 4 is ook beschikbaar voor Nintendo WiiU™ ten tijde van de release.
The Hip-Hop Dance Experience is vanaf november beschikbaar voor Xbox 360 Kinect™, Nintendo Wii™ en Nintendo Wii U™.
The first one explains, that Just Dance 4 will come out on October 2nd for Wii, X360, and PS3.
It also adds, that the Wii U Version will be available when it comes out.
Aka, it's after October 2nd.

The second one says, The Hip-Hop Dance Experience will become available for X360, Wii, and Wii U in November, so it's no later than November.