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Since last Sunday, I've been up in New York to go to a computer camp in Poughkeepsie. This is my third day at this computer camp, and I have to say I love it. It turns out bringing a bunch of nerds together is actually a good idea. I'm at the camp mainly to learn how to to mod Valve games, and while my teacher/counselor isn't perfectly skilled with Source, I've still learned a lot. Also, the counselors are bigger nerds than anyone else. This week has a "Willy Wonka" week, so every day, some of the counselors sing one of the songs. Surprisingly well, actually. They also start off each segment by taking something out of Mailbox from Blue's Clues, complete with the song. Right now, some of us are watching some Blue's Clues episodes, and liking it. Nostalgia plays a big part in that, I guess. The camp is split up in two groups, Teen and Pre-Teen. The biggest difference is that the Pre-Teens can't play any violent games, and the teens can't play those games while the Pre-Teens are watching. Most of the Pre-Teens play Minecraft, while the Teens are split up between Warcraft, the Valve games, and Starcraft.

Since it's a computer camp, most of my time is spent on a computer, and since I'm a teen, I get to play all the Valve games. Yesterday, we played some TF2 matches, which I participated in. I am decent, at best, at it, but since nobody ever bothered to Spy Check, I got 100 points. As a reward, I got six tickets. Oh yes, the tickets. Throughout the week, people are awarded tickets for pretty much whatever the counselors want. I've already gotten 20 tickets for doing stuff like being in the Half-Life 2 class, holding the door open, carrying bags with balls on the very rare occasion we go outside, etc. Another way of getting tickets is this zombie game we're playing. Every day, when the day campers aren't at the camp yet (I'm an overnighter), the survivors have to make it from the dorms to the computer lab (they're in separate buildings) while trying to avoid an ambush set up by the zombies. A zombie gets a ticket whenever he infects (tags) a survivor, and the survivor gets a ticket whenever he kills (throws a sock at) a zombie. Last night, we finished the zombie game with a L4D-esque finale where they have to wait for a "helicopter" while they fight off the zombies with Nerf guns.

Yeah, I absolutely love it. Silver, Dodge, Instructor, Cletus, Fluttershy, Togepi, they're all great counselors, and I'll probably be coming back here next year.

this is the best fucking camp

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I just got back from singing "Wake Up Jeff" from The Wiggles with everyone else, which was set up by the counselors and filmed by them.

I don't know if I should be honored or ashamed.
How are Blue's Clues and The Wiggles relevant to a computer camp?
Nabber said:
I know but I can't go to this camp. :(
God, this sounds like geek heaven.
Well in South Korea Starcraft II tournaments are on the same level of popularity as football games in America.

That sounds fun, I hope you have (had?) a good time.
Had. After our parents watched the "Wake Up Jeff" video, everyone in my class got a copy of The Orange Box for PC, as well as an official diploma.

Oh yeah, all the overnighters had a rave on Thursday. All the music was chosen by the campers, and boy, you can not believe the selection. Guile's Theme, Carmelladansen, some Skrillex song, a techno Nyan Cat remix, Running Through the 90's, the Mortal Kombat theme, a Pinkie Pie's Party remix, a song from VVVVVV, and a bunch of other songs that I can't place. Oh, and it ended with a classical remix of Nyan Cat.

I claim this place as the home of the nerds.

Wait, are you talking normally, Guillant?