Whose your favorite Legend of Zelda series villain?

Whose your favorite Legend of Zelda series villain?

  • Ganondorf

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  • Dark Link

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  • Agahnim

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  • Dethl

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  • Twinrova

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  • Majora's Mask

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  • Onox

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  • Veran

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  • Vaati

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  • Zant

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Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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I was bored.... I made another poll. Same rules, vote, discuss, etc. Only major baddies, no cartoon baddies (yes, there was a Legend of Zelda cartoon).
It's gotta be Ganondorf.

Though Zant was pretty cool until

He went all insane-ish in his boss battle. That wasn't cool.
I though Nintendo developed Zant pretty well. At the beginning, we get the impression that he is a cold, stoic Ganondorf-type. I was completely caught off guard by his insane and child-like behavior at the end. I like being caught off guard.
....I Did'nt even know LOZ had so many villains. Who is Zant? I'm going to go with Dark Link. I mean, he was pretty cool in OOT and in Four Swords...
Zant is the primary antagonist of Twilight Princess.
i like ganon....Zant is kinda out there.......my fav would have to be DARKNUTS!
Of these, only gDorf and dLink appeared in SSBM. Gdorf pwnz, and dLink is pretty much a recolour of Link, so pick gDorf.
Dark Link is my favorite of the three I know. (Vaati? Aren't those the Bionicles with the pointy heads?)
Aganhim was in LTTP... arent you thinking of Minish Cap and Four Swords?
Monty Mole said:
Oh, duh, it's Four Swords. My bad XD

and Minish Cap. MINISH CAP!!! My all-time fav. Zelda Game.
Max2 said:
and Minish Cap. MINISH CAP!!! My all-time fav. Zelda Game.

I will never get the memories of the freaking talking hat out of my mind. >_<

And yes, TP is FTW, it is OoT's equal, and that's saying a lot.
I've seen Twilight Princess being played, and only two words can fully describe it: TEH AWESOMENESS!!!! An amazingly realisitic Epona, terrific plot, and it looks just plain FUN :D

Sooo.... who mare Dethl and Onox?