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This club is not about the live-action film from 1993.

This club is for everyone who understands the amazing potential of a Super Mario Bros. ANIMATED film being a serious, epic adventure movie of almost mythic proportions.

Here's the link to the club: - If you don't have an account on this website, go ahead and make an account right now (it's free) so that you can join the club.

You don't need to be an artist to join the club. You just need to be a supporter of the interest/cause that this club is going after, which is explained in the first sentence of "GROUP RULES".


Lily x

Another user who wants to make a Mario movie. Original.
Anyway, shouldn't this be in fan creations.


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You should meet ColonelKR and Supermariofan, they'll love to argue over who is stealing who's dream with you.


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