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Remember Xiaolin Showdown? That show with the little big-headed yellow kid voiced by Tara Strong where he and his friends track down these mystical items called "Shen Gong Wu" before the forces of evil can use them? Well they're making a sequel to it!

Tara Strong said a while back there was going to be a revival (or at the very least hinted at it), but I forgot about it until I found this teaser! Boy I loved Xiaolin Showdown, though I felt like the later seasons really lost it with the continuity and felt like it was building up to something bigger but just ended up limping over the finish line with an ending that I found to be rather disappointing...

Hopefully this will satisfy that empty feeling left in me!

As for the leaked footage...

Well, that's definitely Tara Strong, but who's that... definitely a GIRL voicing Jack Spicer? Seriously, I love Jack Spider, his voice and character and overall design was awesome, so what's up with THIS?! Also, he has a slightly different wardrobe... He still loves his Monkey Staff, but I don't recall all those monkeys coming out of it before.

And there's Chase Young... yawn. He sounds different, though, but at least the voice actually FITS.

"Talk to my fist!" Omi's getting better at using slang. Speaking of things that are better, the animation looks slightly better... I mean, it's still very similar to the old show, but something about it is... different. Maybe it's the shading.

Wait, I think that's Tara Strong voices Jack... Perhaps it's temporary until they can get Jack's old VA back.

Actually, why is Chase Young even there? I thought he had no interest in Shen Gong Wu... What's so special about this one? ...Maybe I'll have to watch the series to find out! ;)

Wait, "Orb of Torpedo"? What happened to the Orb of Tornami?

WHOA, awesome CG effects! ...Wait, the entire fight is in CG? INCLUDING the fighters? Um... okay? And what's with the Tron outfit?

Well, whatever.. Spring of 2013... I'll be waiting.


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Jack's voice is going to get on my nerves unless it gets changed to someone else, and the rename of the Orb of Tornami pisses me off. Anyway, Xiaolin Showdown was a highlight of my late childhood, so I hope this revamp isn't disappointing overall.

He has been shown to use Shen Gong Wu when absolutely necessary, even though he has disdain for them for much of the time. The only thing that makes sense to me right now is that he needs the Orb of Tornami (I'm calling it that no matter what) as part of some plan of his.

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Hopefully Jack's voice is temporary, not liking it very much.

Also not too fond of the CG animation. Still, looking forward to this.

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Smashgoom202 said:
Xiaolin Showdown

I hope Clay has a bigger role in the new show. After Season 1, he was pretty much "Demoted to Extra".

I hope the new show continues with Raimundo as the leader since he deserved it after fixing both the bad future and the alternate timeline Omi caused.

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God, I haven't seen Xiaolin Showdown in so long. The preview for Chronicles looks promising, though Jack's voice does suck, and the CG part... It's not bad, but it just seems out of place. That TRON-esque costume Omi wears seems weird as well.

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The Shen Gong Wu that Omi, Jack, and Chase were fighting over looks like the Cannon Blaster, one of the wu from the previous show.


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The official website:


It contains some artwork of the characters, as well as a behind-the scenes video.

My thoughts on the character designs:

They're all slightly different, with the exception of Omi. Not sure if I quite like it, but I'm sure I'll get used to it...

Raimundo apparently isn't a Shoku Warrior anymore... not that it matters, because he only became one at the very end of the series, so it might as well not have happened... Though I'm sure they had big plans for it...

Wuya's a ghost again. I'd like to know how that happened.

OMG, you actually see Clay's eye, it's really creepy!

As for the video...

Development took place in Paris? Okay then... Part of my WANTS to see what she's writing on the computer, but I didn't try hard enough... Really, though, watching these guys actually MAKE the show, it makes me wonder what production and development on the first series was like...

It's funny to see them actually go into poses, this takes a lot of work... you know, I bet if more people actually saw what went into making a TV show, they'd be more inclined to be nicer to them and not rant and rave about how all TV is crap these days.

I'm not ENTIRELY sold on the 3D, although that beginning of a Xiaolin Showdown between Omi and Chase Young looked pretty cool.

I subscribed to the YouTube channel AND their newsletter! I'll be ALL up-to-date on all things Xiaolin.

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Smashgoom202 said:
Raimundo apparently isn't a Shoku Warrior anymore...

I wonder if Omi's going to be all egotistic and continuously treat Raimundo like crap again. Since Rai's no longer the leader, that could very well be the case.


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I'm having mixed, but mostly positive, reactions to this.

But I guess I shouldn't count my ducklings before they've emerged from their shells.