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I was also contemplating whether to put this in the Video Games section or not, but then decided, since it's a show on the Internet that just talks about games rather then actually being a video game or console itself, it would fit here better.

So yeah, Extra Credits, originally started by on Daniel Floyd back a few years ago on YouTube, before getting picked up by The Escapist... Then leaving, and then joining Penny Arcade TV, where it currently posting new episodes.


They also have their own website:


Extra Credits is an "infotainment" show, which talks about video games and how we can learn from them, in terms of as a culture, as an industry, and overall as an experience. The team consists of Dan himself, who works for Pixar and narrates all the episodes, James Portnow, a game designer and overall gaming expert/adviser/counselor or whatever, who's been with Dan ever since his YouTube days, Allison Theus, who works for Retro Studios and who took over making the artwork for the show ever since they joined the Escapist, and now, their newest member, Elisa "LeeLee" Scaldaferri, creator of the webcomic Name Game, who will alternate between Allison when drawing the pictures as of their 100th episode which was just last week, incidentally. There are also individuals known as "Ikono" and "Kate" who you can contact, I'm not sure what they do, probably has something to do with the site...

Anyway, I've watched this show ever since Dan's YouTube days, and I feel like it has helped inform people about the industry as a whole, and gives light to subjects not enough people know about. It is in my humble opinion that they are an absolute good, and I fully support anything and everything they do. Because they're awesome like that.

Any favorite episodes or favorite moments? I like the "Learning from Other M" episode myself.

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they get preachy sometimes and some of the subjects they talk about are blown out of proportion (perfect imbalance, spectrum crunch, etc.), but I really like them. They're mostly very good at what they do.