Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom


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(I saw there was already a topic like this, but apparently it was locked for some reason... Besides, it was bound to have been too old, anyway)

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 2003, I watched this nifty series of videos called Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom on a site called "Video Game Director's Cut". It's pretty epic, and now the YouTube channel for the site, known as VGDCful, has uploaded the whole thing. While originally it was in 4 parts, they combined them and made it just 2 parts:

Why bring this up now? Well, as you may or may not have known, the creator of the series, as well as VGDC as a whole, Randy Solem, passed away a few months ago... And just the other day, they uploaded this new video:

They apparently want to make a part 5, in honor of Rand Solem. However, they want to know if people really want it or not, so say either "YES!" or "NO!" on the comments section of the above video.

Personally, I'd love a new RotMK. I watched the original 4 parts all the time as a kid, and I feel so nostalgic when I watch them now! It really does suck to see the creator of something I enjoyed so much pass on, though... :(
Aah... One of the flash series I have enjoyed. I look forward onto seeing the 5th episode.
I remember watching this with my bro back before our old computer got too outdated to play Flash videos. I hadn't seen it in years... until today. It's still a great series.
They're cool, but personally I found Mario and Luigi with Guns to be funnier.

(that might not be the correct title it's been a long time)
I don't know how this is relevant, but this has basically the same Mario death scene, only it makes you laugh. Unless you laugh just because Mario dies...