I'm thinking of making a trading card thing...

Awesome Koopa

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IceShadow1195 said:
Pokemon Trading Cards
Now where did you get that ridiculous idea? That will never work.


Yoshi! Yoshi!
Honestly, I think that any would be fine ;) . Mainly if it is an extremely popular thing. Which of course, Adventure Time has no lack of popularity behind its existence, good place to start!

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Childrens card games... ON MOTORCYCLES
I dunno, presidents, Mario, anything could work. Adventure time is an awesome idea.


I choose you!
How do you plan to make it?
Pokémon Trainer Toad85 said:
Hey guys, why don't we start a card game based on the Wiki and Userpedia?
Would our power and stats be based on how high our rank is (goomba, cheep-cheep, star spirit) then I would completely suck. Also if they have pictures what would the pictures be........ maybe that was a joke derp :P