Man of Steel (Superman)


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Nolan producing it is the only good thing about it for me.


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According to the Wikipedia article, General Zod and Faora are in it.


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considering it might possibly be the only good superman movie, i am looking forward to it.

Was hoping they'd use a more awesome villain though, guess zod will do.


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Yes, I realize this is a bump. Shut up. You'd also complain if I made a new topic.

So anyways, I got to see all of it. Pretty cool. Also, I wonder about this:
So near the end of the battle between Zod and Superman, Superman was holding Zod by the neck(maybe choking him) and Zod said something among the lines of,"If you care so much for these people, you can cry for them!". He was about to fry some persons by using his heat laser vision something thingy. So Superman snapped his neck. I wonder, what happened with those persons. You don't see them where they were before when the part after this begins.

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Considering we didn't see the family happy and relieved I inferred that they got killed.
It was a good movie. Not great, like the Batman ones, but still pretty good. It's worth seeing but not rewatching, if you know what I mean.

EDIT: Russell Crowe was the best part of the movie IMO.