Flute Gaming Music

Yeah, might as well share them. This seems like the perfect thread too since it's my creations of transposing/transcribing Video Game Music. Yes, all but one is done by ear.

...Well, Video Game Music, Homestuck Music, and Pokemon Amine Music. ;)

Also, my high E literally hates me, so try to ignore it. I should also note that I have to re-record about 20 times before I settle to playing all the notes right, so there are some minor bumps at times. Recorded by iPod, which the mic is not that bad.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment.

More on my YT page and in later posts.

New Super Mario

Pretty good. All my video game piano music I can figure out maybe a couple lines but them come back to NinSheetMusic for the actual sheets.

I like the Skyward Sword theme