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There's a trailer, but it's a bit bloody so I can't post it here.

Deadpool, the game was announced at Comic-Con, and will be developed by High Moon Studios, the same guy behind the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game. It's said to be arriving sometime in 2013.

Thoughts? I think it looks alright, nothing too much about the game that has me overly excited aside from Deadpool.

Super Mario the Hedgehog

...I've been looking forward to it.
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Finally, it's about time! I think they nail down Deadpool's personality perfectly, as video games tend to stray from that. Not to mention that I am glad Nolan North is reprising his role for Deadpool again. I think it has much potential, I just hope it is not wasted. Regardless, the quote at the end, "Suck it Wolverine", already sold me.


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So... Is this going to be like Devil May Cry or something? The tone feels more like Duke Nukem. Hopefully, it won't suck as hard as Duke Nukem Forever.


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Fuck this game Ambush Bug would make a way better video game star