Favorite Sacred Stones Character

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Who is your favorite character from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones and why?

Mine's Marisa because 1. she's an excellent Assassin or Swordmaster and 2. her character interactions are alternatingly cool and funny.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Red Barchetta said:
...or Ephraim, because, well... it's Ephraim.
True dat

I like Myrrh too and, well, half the characters in the game really. But Marisa is my fave.


Donkey Kong
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Selena. :'( Also Cormag.... and Joshua.... and basically anyone that isn't Valter. Dude's an ass.

also moving to handheld gaming


Star Spirit
Caellach is cool.

Also you get the Hoplon Guard when you beat him.

Also he's cool

And did I mention he's-*shot*

Lily x

Ephriam, for being Ephriam I also like Erika and have always had a soft spot for the creepy thief guy. Such a killer question >.<.

Red Barchetta

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Is it a problem that me and Volke created a law two years ago saying that we never say the name 'Colm' (we always say "that thief guy")?


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Lute, Ephraim, Kyle, Forde and Joshua.

Eirika is meh, I mean seriously a rapier?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Yoko Littner said:
Eirika is meh, I mean seriously a rapier?
Rapiers were actually the pinnacle of sword technology around the time the Spanish invaded the New World.

I feel like making a Top 10 list for some reason.

1. Marisa
2. Gerik
3. Ephraim
4. Joshua
5. Myrrh
6. Amelia
7. Ewan
8. Lyon
9. Lute
10. Gilliam


Hello. :)
I like: Marisa (because she's Strong and Sexy), Ephraim (because he's awesome), Cormag (for reasons I'm not sure about myself) and Joshua (because of his attitude and power).