Artisanal Cheese Taster

The Wii U has its first competitor, and it's not from Microsoft or Sony.

A team of famous developers are building a $99 game console code-named the Ouya, which, besides being incredibly cheap and looking cool, is also hackable and runs on Android. So if this system is good, then the Wii U is absolutely screwed for the console wars.
Seems pretty cool. But I'd wait for games before I'd think about buying it.

Also, I think Console Wars are pretty stupid. People can like whatever they want.
I first thought it was your expression in Mindless Junk, but now I see it.
The interface looks exactly like the Windows 8 Marketplace, I hope they won't get sued then.
This... sounds pretty damn awesome, actually. And the fact that it's Kickstarter is such a smashing success shows that people DO want it! This, I feel, is why Kickstarter is so great. But then again, those of you who watch Extra Credits would already know about that.
The biggest problem with Kickstarter is frauds abusing the site to garner boatloads of money into their accounts without ever delivering what they've promised. It's best to only give support to projects that have at least a bit of demonstration to go with it, so you know they actually have the skills to make a game and are, in fact, in the middle of making it.