Removing Comments?


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So my cousin DarkArcher.M made a rather unnecessary comment on my talk page.
DarkArcher.M said:

Paddy's being a DAMN IDIOT!!!

He is REALLY Damn annoying!!!

Signed: -a very depressed- DarkArcher.M
I'm not going to call it spam since he only did it once and "Paddy" is not a user at either the wiki or forums, but do I have the right to remove such a comment from my talk page?


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Well, I don't see it anywhere.
I guess it's deleted already?


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From MarioWiki:Courtesy:

The only comments you are allowed to remove are flames and acts of vandalism, and the only times you can alter another user's comment is to fix broken coding or replace a custom signature with {{User}}. Altering the actual content of a comment, even if you're just fixing typos, is a warnable offence. This is not limited to mainspace: even on your own talk page, you shouldn't delete a conversation. It is also inappropriate to go back and alter or remove your own comments from talk pages; if you no longer stand by something you said earlier, slash it out using <s></s>, but be sure to leave it up for the record.
Even if this comment is annoying you, I'd say it's not a flame or act of vandalism, so it shouldn't be deleted.