Tourist Tips


Thank you based god
Users of these boards are spread out all over the map. I was thinking we could exchange info if you're familiar with an area that another user is visiting.

I'm gonna be heading to Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Any of you guys been there?
I'm familiar to South-Netherlands, and Flemish-Belgium, especially Breda, Terneuzen, Middelburg, Goes, Hulst, Etten-Leur, and Dordrecht (Netherlands), as well as Gent and Antwerpen (Belgium).
I might be able to share a bit of info about Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Valkenburg, Nieuwegein (Netherlands), Warszawa, Poznań, Sochaczew (Poland), the centre of Köln (Germany), and some places in London (UK).

I'm not going on a big vacation, this year.
Instead, I'll be more on a business trip to Köln (Germany), and maybe a shopping trip to Oberhausen (also Germany).
this thread is so useful to me, I've always wanted to travel thousands of kilometres to a country with no gun control and a strong distrust in their latino neighbours, and I'm sure I can be of exceptional help to the countless foreigners willing to travel that same distance to visit my humble nation of racism, socialist taxes, and things that will kill you just by looking at you
There's even more racism in Australia, than in East-Europe?
Rat said:
This thread doesn't have to just be restricted to traveling America.
It doesn't have to be, but it will be anyway.

MKGirlism said:
There's even more racism in Australia, than in East-Europe?
Considering we're basically the second home for Yugoslavians (hyuck hyuck hyuck), and we incorporate all manner of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, yes, we are a tremendously racist country.
If I can remember, you were from Roosendaal, right?
That's pretty close to Etten-Leur and Breda.
I thought you were that MKDS Tourney guy, who specified it in his profile.
I'm leaving this week for a trip through London, Paris, Rome, and Florence.

I know about southwestern Pennsylvania, but pretty much everything worthwhile is in Pittsburgh.
A Simpson reference, or is Ohio really that bad?
If there are any tourists coming to Terneuzen in The Netherlands, I definitely recommend you not to.
I mean, it's an Anti-Touristic City, with lots of industrial stuff, factories, small shopping centre, super small beach, and crappy bus connections.
Even our biggest Hotel, being just 2 streets away from me, is filled with foreign workers, doing nothing more than drinking all the time.

However, I can recommend you Breda.
It has the best shopping centre of this country, really nice people, many students (national and international), awesome bus and train connections, and lots of stuff to do.
However, if you're in Breda, try to stay in the City Centre, because beyond it, there's really nothing else to do (beside studying).

Not coming to The Netherlands? Then I can recommend you Cologne in Germany.
Next month, the city is all about Video Games, for almost 1 full week.
In August, Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th is GDC Europe (Game Developers Conference Europe), it might not be as interesting, but on Wednesday 15th, Gamescom starts off for the Press only (which is exactly the day I'll be there), and starting Thursday 16th, Gamescom is open for everybody, and ends with a festival on Sunday 19th.
For more information:
Not going to Gamescom, they also have a really nice City Centre, filled with shops and café's.