This is a thread for webcomics in general. Discuss what webcomics you like here. Homestuck, Brawl in the Family, LilFormers, and Insecticomics are some I like. Insecticomics are my favorites. The whole "all Transformers are bisexual" is weird, but you get over it.



Donkey Kong
I liked Bob and George, mostly because of it being a Mega Man comic. The main characters were ok, though.


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Yoko Littner said:

I've read Twokinds.

plz don't send me PMs saying that I am a furry.

I also read BiTF and MSPA and maybe VGCATs
taken from the previous thread.


I read this one called "Darths and Droids" once. It's basically if the whole plot of Star Wars was made on-the-fly by a group of tabletop board game players.


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Homestuck, of course. Other than that, not much. I enjoy Tone Deaf Comics from time to time, but those are more like comic strips than an actual comic.