Shaman King


Dry Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
I remember seeing this anime done by 4Kids back when I used to watch the Fox Box before it became "4Kids TV" called "Shaman King". Never watched it.

Years later, I decided to give the manga a shot a bought it last time I was at Barnes & Noble.

It's... pretty good. I don't want to oversell it since I just started reading it, but it's a neat premise and I like the main character Yoh and his ghost partner Amidamaru. That twerp, Manta (who's called "Morty" in the anime, it figures) gets on my nerves a lot, though...

I looked up on Wikipedia that there are 36 volumes, so I'll know my investment, which is nice. I also read on TV Tropes that it died out before it got a proper ending, due to fading popularity, which sucks. According to TV Tropes, the proper ending to the series was given in a series called "Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang"... If anyone knows where I can get it, please tell me!

I ALSO heard that there's a sequel following Yoh's... son? Eh, it's called "Shaman King: Flowers" which apparently just started this past April. Does anyone know if it's being published in English yet? I didn't bother looking into that since, you know, I haven't finished the first series yet.

Who else is a fan of this series?