Great and funny AVGN quotes


Donkey Kong
We have a thread for Chugga's quotes, now here's some from the nerd. Be warned, strong language in some of these.




how about a rousing game of pool
"Man, if we had the Cheetahmen fighting Chester the Cheetah, that shit would be the motherfucking ass." - action 52

"That squirrel does some weird shit. One moment its sleeping, then it wakes up and starts running around everywhere. Then he's climbing his tree- and right over it. Look, he's climbing the sky!" - bible games

"Well, we can't play any games, but at least we can look at them." Sits around staring at 5200 game demos chugging a beer. - atari 5200


Donkey Kong
"I got something to blow the lid off the crap barrel. Time to flick the shit switch and turn of the diarrhea dial! It's bible Game, ON CD-I!" -Bible Games II