What do you think of your siblings?


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And if you don't have any, would you like to have some?

My sister is actually pretty cool and is usually there for me to talk to unless she's working which is always.
Older Brother - Not Usually around, lives with his wife across town. Sometimes he will get me stuff though, which is cool. It's kind of Wierd to talk to him now though, since I don't see him much

Oldest Sister - Kind of a bitch. Constantly complained about everything I did, even when it was something small. She asks me to do stuff and I do it, because unlike here, I don't want to be a jackass on purpose. But she's been nicer now that she moved out with her boyfriend

Older Sister - She's always working Nowadays, saving up for University. She was nice a while ago, but shes starting to become the new bitchy sister. We'll watch movies together sometimes.
Younger Sister: Not cool, although she tries to.
Same aged Brother: Really helpful with work.
Young-Older Brother: Very spontaneous.
Old-Older Brother: Very handy, but structured.
Older Sister: I've never seen her before, due to the enormous distance.
I have a younger brother: sometimes he is a douche, calls me names, try's to upset me then pins the blame on me when I hit him. Plus he pretends to like games, music and tv shows just because he wants to be popular and is scared to say what he likes, which really annoys me as one day it will backfire on him. However, I love him really, he plays VG's, he is talented and I miss him whenever he goes to scout camp.
Older sister: she's alright, nice but sometimes annoying and mean. She is really short, shorter than me. She is on a plane coming back to Chicago from Spain
GreenDisaster said:
So am I the only one here without any siblings?
No, I don't have any either.

I would like a younger sister or brother, but it'll be a few years and we'll have to adopt someone.
I have two siblings. Both are younger brothers.

The older of the two: I get along with him very well and we almost never get into any fights.
The younger of the two: I also get along with him very well and we also almost never get into any fights.

My older brother is my polar opposite he parties I don't, he drinks I don't, he's fat i'm skinny and so on.
I love my little brother more then anything in this world.
The only major issue is how unlike me, with my 'I budge for no mans pleasure' policy, he is prepared to lie just to fit in, once he was on Skype with a friend, when his friend was there they started calling me names and hanging up on me, as soon as they all left my brother started being nicey nice to me. It drives me MAD.
Younger Sister :Can be a pain sometimes but is normally nice and plays Mario Kart or Mario and Sonic with me a lot.
My siblings are just OK, but I'll be glad to get away from them once I'm old enough. I need my space.
My siblings are all dear people that I love in a unique way for each one of them, and I've certainly grown a lot as a person due to the struggles daily life with them provides, learning to look outside my own interests and find my joy in their joy. I see each one of them as a blessing upon my life.
I love my siblings so much. My older sister is such a sweetheart. Well, she gets easily irritated.
I'm the oldest of 3 and my sister is 20 and my brother is 16, soon to be 17.

My younger sister and I are pretty much opposites; she is more motivated to do well in things and has a job and has a loving boyfriend, blah blah blah. She also does extremely well in school. I'm a bit jealous of her at times. Also, she's hardly ever home because she's working or hanging out with her boyfriend/friends/etc. Oh and she's a lot prettier than I am too.

My younger brother and I have the same sense of humor, and we get along pretty well. We usually tease each other to no end. He's big on music and sports. He also taught himself to play the guitar, banjo, harmonica, and keyboard. He's pretty talented; and he's a goofball--he's always saying random things.

And there's me...who is just...me.
I only have one blood sibling, and that's Mason.

He's essentially me. We both use inductive reasoning for everything and we both have virtually the same sense of humor and videogame taste. I, however, tend to be on the serious side more often. People have even asked me, on many occasions, if we are twins before. (even though he's about 3 years older.)