Huh? Super Mario Land enemy confusion.

Kyoko Sakura

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Who decided Chibibos are called Goombos, and who decided Nokobons are called Bombshell Koopas? If this is really the case, Chibibo should redirect to Goombo and Nokobon should redirect to Bombshell Koopa. I'd also like to know where these new names came from since it doesn't seem clear on the article.

And FYI it calls the Chibibo and Nokobon in the official instruction manual.
Those are the names given in the re release for the 3DS
If you view the instruction manual of the Virtual Console Super Mario Land, the enemies are revealed to be named that.

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Wrong board. I believe this fits the Marioverse.

Anyways, I prefer the original Japanese names over the english ones.

Doesn't that happen to Piranha Plant (Pakkun Flower) and Bullet Biff (Gira)?