Where do you want to go to college?

I already go to Purdue University North Central. It is a "community college" version of Purdue University.
I love it, and I'm getting a great education here. ^_^
In my case, it's not where I want, it's where I'm currently applying to:
I'm currently transferring to http://www.piercecollege.edu/ , but I'd like to go to one of the UC's or Cal Poly after my general education is finished.
I'd like to stay in-state, and really I'm torn between Pitt or Penn State. I'd like to consider Carnegie Mellon, but unfortunately they don't offer merit scholarships, and i don't see how we could ever afford it :( UPenn would also be nice, and they offer a lot of money. If I decided to apply there I'd have to take ACTs and do this weird meeting with an alumnus.
I just visited University Park today, and it was great. Right now I think it's number one on my list.