Mario Collectable Figure Card/Board Game Petition

Hello Fellow Mario Lovers,
Nintendo has been a strong gaming company for years and has high fan loyalty and gamers. However, one thing that dedicated fans lack is a solid collectable figure of Nintendo characters. Several toy companies create one or two series of figures and ultimately fail to continue to grow. I want to see Nintendo create their own expandable figure collection for the Mushroom Kingdom. Fans all over have created custom HeroScape figures of Mario characters, their own clay creations, (, Dungeon and Dragon figures for Nintendo characters, and the fan-base creation is endless. So what if Nintendo does create a board game like HeroScape (by Hasbro) or Dungeon and Dragons (figure board game wise)? They will surly profit I believe large and dedicated fans will try to collect them all and play the board game. Dungeon and Dragons for example have been creating mini-figures for their board game, this has been going on for decades, so why not Nintendo? We need your help though. We first need to start some sort of petition voting system (volunteer please, I don’t know how to do this) and contact Nintendo on the idea to see if they will take on the project or team with some toy company to do so. I believe this can be the next big thing for Nintendo.

Please Show Your Support and Ideas,
Nintendo Fan :mario:

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