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I was wondering what type of headphones you guys use.

I use the generic Apple ones, but I'm getting a different type this weekend. I expect they'll be more comfortable and have better sound quality, and hopefully not wear out so quickly.

Lily x

I own a pair of purple skull candies. Unfortunately, they only work if I hold the wire in the right place as they are pretty old so now I use the apple ones.

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I have a pair of Sennheiser 201 headphones.



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I usually just use the regular Apple ear buds (like the ones that come with iPods and related stuff) but I also have this other pair of headphones that I don't really use much.
I have some Apple ones that I got with my iPod Shuffle, and some retractable ones.

My favorite kind however, are the big, fluffy eighties headphones. I just don't like things going in my ears.


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I use a pair with memory foam earbuds that block out most background noise easily while providing good quality sound. I found them at $8-25, depending on color and where you buy them.

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I don't remember the brand, because I was in the car when mom bought them at Dollar General for me, they are black adjustable that even fit big heads (like mine) and they are black plastic with a foamy type cover to block out most of the background noise and can provide good quality sound, bug they're pretty fragile when dropped but can be fixed as long as the clasps don't bust off. They are getting pretty old so I'm gonna buy new ones soon.


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I usually don't use any, but if I have to, I've got the Samsung ones, which I've got with my Google Galaxy Nexus.


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I didn't bring headphones on my vacation, so right now I'm using substitute Perry the Platypus headphones.


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Nega-Man said:
I don't use headphones. Don't understand why so many people need them, honestly, unless you're listening to music or watching a video. I use my speakers.
Well, my mom would probably prefer me to not have a bunch of curses blaring out of my iPad, so I have to watch a lot of videos like Red vs. Blue with them. Also when I want to watch MLP.