Spin offs you'd like to see/return.

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Self-explanatory topic.

For starters, I'd like to see a cartoon for Leonardo's Samurai rabbit friend, Usagi.

It'd also be nice to see Pokemon Chronicles return. I don't care too much for Misty and Brock, but I'd like to see Ash's old Pokemon again.

Regarding Nickelodeon, I think it'd be neat if Sandy got her own showing what her life was like before she moved to Bikini Bottom.
Here's one I wouldn't want to see.

Rainbow Dash is in a band, and she saves the world with the power of music.
magikrazy, you're right!

fluttershy should be in that position.

haha i made a funny
Come to think of it, there was supposed to be a Phineas and Ferb spin off featuring the Fireside Girls. I certainly am not opposed to it, although nothing has happened yet, and its been a while too.
They made one episode like that called "Izabella and the Temple of Sap"

A Phineas and Ferb spinoff featuring Doofenshmirtz
Re: Spin offs you'd hate to see/return.

A Regular Show spinoff about Muscle Man.

You know who would watch that spinoff?

I want to see a spin off detailing what Kid Buu went through between his death and becoming Ubb. (Going to hell, seeing Babidi again.)
I wouldn't mind if after Friendship is Magic ended they made a spinoff/sequel series centering around the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Possibly in an All-Grown up sort of thing where they have their Cutie Marks and everything. With occasional appearances and references to/by the Main 6.

It would of course still need a good crew behind it. There would be no guarantee that most of the staff from Friendship is Magic would continue on with a brand new series that's a spin-off from it.
Spin-off of Metroid manga where you play as Kreatz. Preferably a 3D more open-world type thing with really nice combat and well-integrated plot, etc.
How about a spin-off league featuring the Yankees as Globetrotter-esque ballplayers?

That way we Mets can get them out of our hair.
It'd be interesting to see a Kids Next Door spin-off following Numbuh 1's life as a Galactic KND operative, fightin adult tyranny in outer space even as a teenager and adult.